Little Owl Hide


Limited dates available from the end of April, depending on breeding success.

After a very successful five years spent photographing wild Little Owls at this well established site, Neil Neville Photography will continue to be committed to bringing you a high quality Little Owl experience.

The hide itself is set on a rural farmland location in South Buckinghamshire, within the territory of a resident, breeding pair of wild Little Owls and has been established successfully for five years years now.
My aim is to be able to provide photographers with perched and flight shots of the Owls, with a strong possibility of capturing any owlets once they have fledged mid summer.

Careful attention has been taken to give photographers the opportunity to photograph these stunning, charismatic birds of prey on a variety of natural perches with clean backgrounds, maximising the best available light at the site, whilst being sympathetic to the natural environment and keeping disturbance to the birds to an absolute minimum.

The hide is suitable for all levels of photographer, from seasoned professionals looking to add to their portfolios through to beginners who are new to wildlife photography wishing to learn more about this rewarding genre of photography via one to one tuition, or, maybe you are an enthusiast photographer looking to hone your skills with a wild subject, whatever your requirements are, we are sure we can cater for them.

Neil's experience in working with the Owls for the last five years has taught him that the birds are most active between dawn until mid morning and mid afternoon until dusk with the middle part of the day generally spent roosting, but, being partly diurnal, and unpredictable at times the Little Owls are just as likely to visit the perches at any time, especially during the breeding season, Mid April through to September.

Equipment wise, you will need a DSLR camera, full frame or crop sensor, a lens in the 300mm-600mm range, ideally with a fast maximum aperture of F2.8 or F4 and teleconverters ( if using a 300mm lens ), due to space constraints a tripod is not necessary as Neil will provide high quality, custom made plates combined with a gimbal type tripod head, High quality beanbags are also provided should you require them instead. A remote shutter release of some description will also be of use when photographing the Owls.
For Canon users, I am able to provide either a 300mm f2.8L or a 500mm f4L lens plus converters for you to hire and use at an extra cost, but please check the availability for this service at the time of enquiry.

Tea and coffee is also provided in the hide for your enjoyment.

To view images taken from the hide, please click here

Whilst I will work hard and do my best to ensure that the owls will appear for you, and that you leave with some memorable images of the birds, please remember that as with all wildlife there are absolutely no guarantees.

For more information, availability of dates, and prices, please get in touch via the contact page and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on any aspect of the Little Owl Hide.

Looking forward to hearing from you.