Here, I have provided some helpful Links to the websites of other photographers and organisations whom I admire, respect and inspire me in my own photography, check them out, there is some truly wonderful work to view.


Steve Hatch Wildlife Photography
Fabulous wildlife photographer based in Devon, his stunning portfolio focuses on British birds and wildlife.
Rob Cross Photography
Another fantastic wildlife photographer from the West Country, good mates with Steve Hatch making them a formidable double act. His stunning collection of images of British birds and wildlife are truly top class.
Dean Mason Wildlife Photography
Great friend and fellow wildlife photographer based in Dorset on the south coast of England who focusses on UK wildlife. Dean also provides a top quality, woodland/farmland hide which attracts a vast amount of species to photograph.
Karen Summers Bird Photography
A brilliant bird photographer based in the Midlands, and, in my humble opinion, the best Barn Owl photographer there is and her passion for this Owl shows through on every image she captures of this iconic bird. Her website is packed full of stunning images of wild British Birds.
Ian White Photography
A superb photographer and good friend who's biggest passion is for birds, but also loves to photograph anything from flowers to insects, particularly butterflies.
Wendy Salisbury Photography
A great friend and terrific photographer who has an incredible knack of portraying the soul of whatever she photographs.
Paul Green Bird Photography
Another superb photographer from the West Country, his passion for birds is infectious and inspiring.
Tanja Davis Horse and Pet Photography
Another great friend who's passion for horses is incredible, like Wendy, Tanja has a wonderful ability to capture the soul and spirit of her subject.

Organisations of Interest

The Hawk and Owl Trust
The Hawk and Owl Trust is a national UK charity founded in 1969 and dedicated to conserving Owls and other Birds of Prey in the wild and increasing knowledge and understanding of them.
Click on this link to join or donate to a very worthy cause.
With over a million members and over 200 Nature reserves to visit the RSPB is giving homes for our nature, and helping to save our wildlife for future generations, why not click this link, join up and do your bit to help.
Wildlife Watching Supplies
Simply the best equipment around for keeping you and your gear hidden and dry.
The Owl Pages
Interesting website dedicated to the owls of the world, this site is packed full of information on all things relating to owls.